Infinuvo QQ-1 CleanMate 365-Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

infinuvo cleanmate
Infinuvo QQ-1 is now available on Amazon US and Amazon Canada.

As a kid, you may have wondered if it was ever possible to have a robot maid in your house, just like Rosie in the Jetsons cartoon. Well, now you can actually get a robot to do the cleaning in your house! With the Infinuvo QQ-1 CleanMate 365 intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner, you now have a small robot specifically designed to find and clean up all the dust and dirt in your home all by itself.


  • The QQ-1 has a long lasting battery; it can function continuously for an hour before it needs recharging.
  • It works on all kinds of floors, be it hardwood, carpeted, it can even clean tiles. It can even pick up cat or dog hair without any trouble at all.
  • It can go under beds, sofas, and other nooks and crevices that regular upright vacuums cannot reach.
  • Not only does the QQ-1 pick up dirt and dust, it also kills bacteria using ultraviolet light and it even deodorizes using the built-in fragrance slot in the unit.
  • The QQ-1 is intelligent enough to get out of dark areas when its batteries are getting low on power.


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What Other People Say?

Even though a lot of people are a bit apprehensive about buying a robotic vacuum cleaner, once they used the QQ-1 they were glad that they bought it. People love that the unit comes with 3 re-usable filters so they do not have to keep buying replacement filters every time the old one gets too dirty, they can just wash it and use it again. And just like the more powerful upright vacuum cleaners the QQ-1 is actually effective at picking up pet hair.

The QQ-1 unfortunately also has its share of bad comments from users as well. One of the most prevalent complaints that owners have about it is the fact that it can only run for an hour at most but it takes an hour and a half for the unit to get a full charge. Some people also complain that the QQ-1 easily gets stuck on thick rugs and carpets so you have to nudge it to get moving again.

Should You Buy It?

If you are looking to try out automatic vacuums the QQ-1 is a good starter unit. The Infinuvo QQ-1 CleanMate 365 is not really a very good automatic vacuum but it is not a bad one either.