Dirt Devil RoomMate Robotic Vacuum Review

dirt devil roommateDirt Devil RoomMate is now available on Amazon.com!

The Dirt Devil RoomMate Robotic vacuum is an excellent option for individuals who would like the option of hands-free, sweeping and vacuuming. This robotic vacuum will definitely deliver on both fronts. It will vacuum and sweep floors without the help of a human being.

The Dirt Devil RoomMate is designed with a number of notable features, including dual edge cleaning bristles and three automatic cleaning patterns. In addition, the vacuum’s battery lasts for a pretty impressive 50 minutes. It has the ability to maneuver under chairs, bed and tables. It can also move around objects. The Dirt Devil RoomMate is designed to clean the entire room, from one wall to another.

Individuals that have grown tired of sweeping their hard wood, linoleum or tile floors may want to consider investing in a robo vacuum. It is ideal for the aforementioned individuals, as well as those that have physical limitations or medial conditions, for instance, arthritis, which may limit their mobility. Older people may find it beneficial as well. Obviously, a person doesn’t have to have any physical limitations to purchase a robo vacuum. Anyone who’d rather not clean their floors themselves, for whatever reason, would benefit from its use and may find it worth purchasing.


  • Cleaning bristles which have a dual edge
  • Designed to avoid being stepped on
  • Sweeps and vacuums a myriad of hard flooring surfaces (linoleum, wood and tile)
  • Three cleaning patterns which are both continuous and automatic (random, circular, perimeter)
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The Dirt Devil RoomMate works well when use as intended. When it is not, it doesn’t. For instance, people that use it to clean carpets may find that it underperforms. This is because it wasn’t designed to clean carpets. When it used to clean hard floors, it works quite well.


The battery has a long life, powering the vacuum for just shy of one hour. The Dirt Devil RoomMate is surprisingly quiet. Doesn’t scuff-up baseboards


This Dirt Devil vacuum only works on hard floors. Consequently, individuals will have to continue vacuuming any carpet in their home, themselves. People with both hard flooring and carpet, may not want to invest in two separate vacuums.

In Summary

The Dirt Devil RoomMate is a very good, hands-free, robot vacuum. It has a lot of great features, including several, automatic, continuous cleaning patterns. It is able to clean from wall-to-wall, without scuffing up baseboards. The robot vacuum is able to easily maneuver around a room, including under chairs and tables, as well as around objects, cleaning the floor as it goes along.